Smart ID Stick™

Guard-A-Kid’s SmartID Stick is a small and portable device (about 2 inches long) that is typically carried on your key ring. This new revolutionary device is all you need to store all your family’s information in one location.   Guard-A-Kid SmartID Stick is a high capacity USB Flash memory device that contains our proprietary software which allows you to enter, store update your entire family’s emergency and medical information directly into the device.


The Smart ID software is specially developed to store vital information for hundreds of records including your children, your pets, your elderly adult relatives, your home or office valuables and important documents.


This USB Flash drive is compatible with any Windows® based computer.  While almost all software programs are designed to be installed on the computer, Guard-A-Kid’s Smart ID Stick software runs directly from the USB Flash Memory device.  Your family’s information is all stored on the SmartID Stick itself, not on the host computer.  SmartID Stick is 100% self contained.


Your information is personal with SmartID Stick, you personally enter the information directly on your portable storage Flash drive, so your relative’s information is totally secure and not shared with anyone. The device is totally secure with multiple password levels.